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Pay $0 to Accept Credit Card Sales

The Advantage Program

Merchants can now enjoy equal benefits in profitability between credit card sales and cash sales. The diverse range of savings options provides merchants with the flexibility to select the choice they feel works best for their business needs.

Service Charge vs Advantage Program

Service Charges

With service charges and fees, merchants can maintain stable pricing while addressing various expenses that can vary unexpectedly. Service charges are a convenient solution to ensure your business stays profitable.

Advantage Program

The Advantage Program (AP) offers several pricing and point of sale configuration options to help pass certain fees through to the customers. Backend pricing changes are required so reporting reconciles and fees “zero out”

  • Dual Pricing

    During checkout, customers are shown both a non-cash and cash price. A percentage of your choosing is automatically applied to determine the non-cash price.

  • Supplemental Fee

    At the point of checkout, an additional fee is added to all transactions, regardless of the payment method that was chosen by the customer.

  • Cash Discount

    The customer is shown the non-cash price at checkout, but if they choose to pay with cash, you have the option of providing a set discount on the transaction.

Because we are so confident with the success merchants experience with the Advantage Program, we are now offering to place a point of sale or a payment terminal in your business at no upfront cost. FREE!

Suppose you are not satisfied with the program after trying it out. In that case, you can switch back to traditional processing with no problem. This way, you can still save money with our lower rates, and keep using the equipment for faster payment processing and a better customer experience. 

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